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Webnode is an award winning free tool that helps people to create their own websites. Just by using the internet users can build advanced and interactive websites. Webnode website editing requires no technical skill, nor software installation – it’s very similar to text editing in MS Word or any other text editor.

Users of Webnode are accustomed to the advanced features and wide range of modifications offered to them by the system itself. Extension of possibilities by use of 3rd party content and widgets is a very frequently used feature, which is now available to our partners through open API.

Add your widgets to Webnode

Are you a widget provider? Do you want to offer these services to Webnode users? You can gain a massive audience of Webnode users by offering the possibility to include their widgets and content in Webnode projects. Rich possibilities of customization are very popular among our users and giving them an option to easily include various new features to their sites is very good for gaining new visitors. It is also possible to get included in widgets offered directly in Webnode administration for popular and interesting apps.

Register as a new API developer

The current form of Webnode Content API provides the registered API partners the possibility of placing a button on their sites with actions to add content or widgets on the Webnode projects of their visitors.

You need to register to use the API. Unique “api_key” for every domain (referral verification) is provided after required approval of partner registration.

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